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your mental health guide
heyy, your mental health guide
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Your personal guide to mental health well-being: stress, depression and more.

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We're heyy, your mental health and emotional well-being guide and we'll help you kick-start your self care journey. When it comes to depression, online therapy or even self care, taking that first step can be hard. That's what we're here for!

Our new-age app is a mental health tracker, free therapy provider, wellness coach and depression help center – all rolled into one! Like other leading self care apps and online therapy services, heyy, was built in collaboration with mental health professionals and experts having PhDs in areas related to mental health and self care. In doing so, we've ensured that when it comes to your self care journey or even managing depression, nothing's left out. Every resource on our mental health and self care app is research-backed, bite-sized and tailored to you – be it for therapy, depression, stress relief or even if you're looking for a wellness coach.

Get started on your mental health and self care journey with our mental health app for free therapy, stress relief, mental health tests, depression help, free mental health services and more. Our therapy app is a community of 40K+ users, each of whom gets 24X7 access to one-on-one mental health, self care, depression help, free therapy, stress relief services and more! In addition to free mental health services, depression help and self care tips, here's what else you'll find on our free mental health app:

Self-Assessments: Easy tools that help you measure your emotional and mental states. They work like mental health trackers, giving you a health score and recommendations on mental health and selfcare. They also help manage depression, give stress relief, enhance therapy and strengthen self care know-how.

Check-ins: A free mental health tracker that gives a bigger picture of where you stand in terms of your current level of self care, and how you can avail our free therapy services to get depression help or even some stress relief.

Helpers: When compared to other mental health apps and even therapy apps, heyy, stands out on account of its Helpers, who are trained self care professionals and psychologists available 24X7 to give you a confidential and safe space for stress relief or even depression help. Each Helper is almost like a therapist trained to help with depression and self care.

Experts: Enhance your selfcare regime and book free online therapy sessions with experienced mental health professionals. Our therapists are trained to address a wide range of concerns ranging from depression to selfcare and stress relief.

Sleep sounds, sleep stories and more: heyy is also a free sleep app. Like other leading sleeping apps, we bring together curated content like sleep music, sleep sounds and sleep-casts to help you wind down, slow down your brain and get into a ‘sleep mode'. We do this to help you enhance the quality of your sleep and, in turn, the quality of your emotional and mental well-being.

Seeking out therapists, depression help, self care services, a wellness coach or even therapy apps and mental health apps is hard, but you aren't alone!

heyy, also helps with:

Self-esteem and self-image
Confidence issues
Body dysmorphia and body image
Pre-marital and Marital issues
Academic/career-related stress
Family matters
Relationship problems
Gender identity and sexuality-related difficulties
Sexual wellness, sexual health and sex education
Addiction (including pornography)
Panic attacks
Emotional abuse
Physical and sexual abuse
Domestic violence
Selfcare and personal growth
Eating disorders
Job loss
Peer pressure
Gender-based Discrimination
Productivity and time management issues
Relationship issues

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Disclaimer: We're not a medical service or suicide prevention helpline. If you are feeling suicidal, please call up a crisis helpline number listed on our website and app
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