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Learn Japanese with ease!

About this app

Japanese Guru is one of the most effective and feature packed Japanese learning apps in the market.

Whether you are a student, passionate or simply curious, our app will help you in your learning.

In addition to courses with a teacher or in self-study, it will be the ideal partner to reach a complete mastery of the language.

• A1 → C2
• Kanas (Hiragana, Katakana), Kanjis

• Study the lists already available or create your own lists of kanjis and words. Just enter you words in Japanese and the app will translate them. You can even download commonly used Japanese textbooks words lists.
• Follow your progress thanks to the smart lists. Review difficult elements or check your last errors.
• Browse your lists, edit them or choose the elements you want to include in your studies. You can also export your lists and even create writing sheets.
• The learning sessions will allow you to work on Japanese writing, translation, reading.

• Learn to write any kanji or kana, stroke by stroke, until you master it.
• Many options are available.
• More than 3 000 kanjis are ready for use and many more are on their way.

• Remember easily the meanings and translations of your kaniis and words.
• Practice and learn to translate your kanjis and words from Japanese into English or from English into Japanese.

• Kana : find the right romaji transcription
• Kanjis, words : find the right kana transcription

• More than 200 000 entries are available.
• Search any word or kanji, from Japanese, romaji, or English.
• Search any kanji from it radical or key, juste like in a paper kanji dictionary.
• Draw a kanji stroke by stroke to find its translation.
• Browse the history of the entries you already referred to or manage your favorites list.
• Get the translations and other details about the selected entries.

• Kana tables (Hiragana, Katakana)
• Example sentences
• JLPT grammatical points
• Learn how to talk about colours, shapes, numbers, time, dates, Chinese zodiac
• Measurement units
• Garaigo/Wasei-Eigo
• Expressions
• Jōyō (常用漢字)
• Characters by frequency
• Kanji radicals
• Grammar


You need a subscription to access all features.

- a one-week free trial is offered for any subscription, except for the lifetime subscription.

- subscriptions automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the period.

Available subscriptions :

• 1 month (automatically renewed until canceled)
• 6 months (automatically renewed until canceled)
• 12 months (automatically renewed until canceled)
• Lifetime (one-time purchase)


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