Brainster Quiz
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Brainster Quiz

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Outsmart your opponent in a highly entertaining trivia game!

About this game

Be smarter, quicker, brainier than your rival. Put your quiz skills to the test with our most popular game ever- The Brainster Quiz. Join our ever-curious community and broaden your knowledge while having lots of fun!

Brainster Quiz consists of four swift games, allowing very limited time to think. Challenge your friends, or let us pick you a competitor. Play with letters, hints, secret words, matching terms. Build your character by collecting rewards and grow throughout the game. Ultimately, be proud of your achievement and share it on Facebook.

Key features:
•tFour brain-teasing, highly challenging games
•tFind the longest word using provided letters
•tPick the right answer to the trivia questions
•tConnect two words and make a meaningful term
•tFind the secret word by discovering related hints
•tMove-by-move game type
•tChallenge friends or compete with a random rival
•tCollect points and grow through the ranks
•tShare your scores and achievements on social media

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