Number Bubble Shooter
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Number Bubble Shooter

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Aim, shoot, and combine numbers for high scores in this addictive bubble merger.

About this game

Welcome to the exciting world of bubbles with colorful numbers. Enjoy shooting number bubbles, merging numbers to 2048, and even larger🤞🤞.

🌞Simply slide your fingers, merge number bubbles. 1024, 2048, 4096, 8K, 16K...Shoot bubbles and merge. Challenge high scores to relax and show off🏆.

🕹HOW TO PLAY Number Bubble Shooter?
Aim bubbles with the same number🎈.
Tap to switch and release to shoot🏒.
Merge same numbers to a larger number.
★ Make COMBOs🥇, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8K, 16K...🌈
★ Bubble number larger than 1M will be eliminated (BONUS Score)🏆.

🌟FEATURES of Number Bubble Shooter
★ 🔔Simple, challenging and addictive. Tap, shoot and merge.
No pressure and no time limit🕧.
Distinctive and fantastic NUMBER MERGE game to kill time! Once you shoot, You Can’t Stop!⭐⭐
Drop bubbles to get a SWITCH of numbers🎉.
No WiFi! Popping on the go!💥💥

Have fun RECEIVING COINS with Number Bubble Shooter! 💰💰

Shoot bubbles and merge to 2048 and even larger numbers, winning high scores🥇🥇!

💪Start to SHOOT BUBBLES and MERGE NUMBERS. Have fun!

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