Билеты ПДД 2023 Экзамен ПДД
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Билеты ПДД 2023 Экзамен ПДД

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Tickets for traffic rules 2023 from the traffic police of Russia. Exam traffic rules 2023 ABM / CD (SD) + Changes in traffic rules

About this app

From the creators of SDA24 in collaboration with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and driving schools in Russia. Always the latest changes in tickets and traffic rules. Before you buy a car.

Traffic tickets 2023 from the traffic police ABM/CD. With new rules for passing the traffic rules exam in 2023 (+5 additional questions for a mistake). Examination tickets for traffic rules 2023/2024 of Russia category ABM/CD (SD) and subcategories A1, B1, C1, D1. Traffic tickets are fully consistent with the official ones in the State Traffic Inspectorate/State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of Russia with changes for 2023/2024.

Traffic regulations of the Russian Federation (changes, signs, markings, tolerances and malfunctions) as amended from September 1, 2023.
The traffic rules simulator does not require Internet access. No internal purchases.
Traffic regulations 2023-2024.

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