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Kung Fu

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June 24, 2020
Kung Fu apk

Punch, kick, jump...fight your way to defeat enemies to rescue your girlfriend

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Oct 24, 2019
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Jun 24, 2020
Updated on June 24, 2020
Kung Fu APK version 1.1 requires Android 4.2 and up, API level 17 or higher.
You are a "kung fu" master and girlfriend is kidnapped by a rival gang. They're holding her captive on the fifth floor of the clan's dojo. You must fist, jump kick, fight your way to the top floor, and defeat the clan leader in order to rescue your girlfriend. It's not going to be any easy battle. You're going up against fighting masters themselves, especially some who are equipped with dangerous weapons/sidekicks. Fend off each of the minions so that you may rescue your girlfriend, and defeat the people who have angered you so greatly.

A - punch
B - kick
UP - jumps
DOWN - crouches
LEFT - moves Thomas to the left
RIGHT - moves Thomas to the right
SELECT - select game
START - pauses game
UP + A - flying punch
UP + B - flying front kick
DOWN + A - crouched punch
DOWN + B - crouched kick

By combining jumps and crouches with punches and kicks, you may extend
Thomas's range on attacks. Certain enemies can only be hit with certain
attacks. The height of each attack varies. The crouched kick gives you the
lowest possible attack, with the jump kick being the highest available one.
Punches reward you with more points per kill, because of their shorter range,
and tougher resistance to toss during a battle. Kicks have more range, and
give half as many points.


A steely Kung Fu expert, he has mastered the art of powerful punches, sharp kicks, and well timed jump kicks. The player must decide which techniques to use and when.

Captured by the mysterious gang "X", she is being held captive at the top of their castle. She feverishly awaits her rescue by Thomas.

Stick Fighter
This is the first boss you will encounter during the game. Fairly dangerous to approach as he rapidly rotates a powerful stick around his body.
VALUE: 2,000 points

Boomerang Fighter
This is the second boss you will encounter during the game. Tosses a boomerang at you with two ranging patterns.
VALUE: 3,000 points

This is the third boss you will encounter during the game. Gigantic fighter who uses brute strength to overcome your martial art skills.
VALUE: 3,000 points

Black Magician
This is the fourth boss you will encounter during the game. This fellow can perform death-defying tricks, and a variety of illusions.
VALUE: 5,000 points

Mr. X, the Gang Leader
This is the last boss you will encounter during the game. The master of all martial arts and strongest opponent in the castle. Your true nemesis and rival to overcome.
VALUE: 10,000 points

One of the most common enemies encountered throughout the game. They will run up to you and attempt to grab on you, which gradually lowers your life.
VALUE: Kick => 100 points
Punch => 200 points
Jump Kick => 300 points

Knife Thrower
A fairly uncommon enemy that tosses knives at you. Usually dressed in blue clads
VALUE: Kick => 500 points
Punch => 800 points
Jump Kick => 1,000 points

Tom Toms
Martial artist midgets that can attack by running up to you, or performing aerial assaults.
VALUE: Kick => 200 points
Punch => 300 points

These creatures drop from the ceiling above. They send out a flame of fire directly overhead. It's best to duck when this occurs.
VALUE: Kick => 2,000 points
Punch => 2,000 points
Jump Kick => 2,000 points

Confetti Ball
These devices will drop from the ceiling above and hover at a certain distance. After so long, they will explode releasing particles in specified directions.
VALUE: Jump Kick => 1,000 points

These are poisonous snakes which are released from shattered jars, that fall from above. You may either avoid them, or destroy them with a low kick before they burst from the jar.
VALUE: Kick => 100 points

Poisonous Moth
Dangerous creatures that fly in set patterns. Can be destroyed with flying attacks, or simple punches/kicks.
VALUE: Punch => 600 points
Kick => 500 points