Get Color - Water Sort Puzzle
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Get Color - Water Sort Puzzle

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Sort water in color tubes. Fill bottles in liquid sort puzzle. Tap to pour game!

About this game

Enjoy a liquid sort puzzle! Sort water and fill bottles in Get Color - Water Sort Puzzle. Tap to pour in this water pouring game.

Need personal therapy with a water color puzzle? Play Get Color - Water Sort Puzzle. This test tube game is a great stress and anxiety relief. Fill bottles and get inspired by thousands of colors. Get Color - Water Color Puzzle is designed to relax.The water pouring game with color tubes expels negative thoughts. Liquid sort puzzle will take away all the worries. Challenging bottle fill games will train your brain.

Play Get Color - Water Sort Puzzle. Get a personal relaxing pour game with a broad range of levels. Find the most interesting water puzzle games and sort water any time, whenever you feel down.

Are you finding something like a bottle fill game, water color puzzle, test tube game, liquid sort puzzle or pour game? Get Color - Water Sort Puzzle is exactly what you need! All you have to do is tap to pour, fill bottles and color tubes! Use your brain and sort colors correctly in every tube. This amazing color water sort puzzle will hook you for hours. Train your brain and relax in the water pouring game.

How to play a water color puzzle?
Tap any test tube to pour color water to another test tube.The rule is that you can only pour the water if it is linked to the same color and there's enough space on the glass. 500+ liquid sort puzzles to sort. Sort as much as you can. Free puzzles and no subscriptions & hidden fees. Isn’t that amazing? A huge variety of amazing levels in the water pouring game Get Color!

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Relieve stress with Get Color - Water Sort Puzzle!

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This liquid sort puzzle is a color pour game with easy and challenging bottle fill levels. Fill bottles and unlock more & more levels in this liquid puzzle game. Sort water in color tubes and relieve stress! Our color water pouring game is challenging and fun! If you like tap to pour games, you will love this test tube game too!

Have fun & play Get Color - Water Sort Puzzle!

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