Craft School: Monster Madness
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Craft School: Monster Madness

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About this game

Conquer the greatest challenges in Craft Monster Class.

Herobrine and his favorite students continue their adventures with brand-new lessons. You'll meet new monster enemies like Dangerous Monster, Banana Cat, Evil Boy in Yellow, Color Friends and so many more. Can you defeat them all and be the best?

You're going to dive into a pixel universe filled with cool challenges and exciting dangers. Your skills and reflexes will be tested during the lessons where you'll have to outsmart tough enemies, avoid tricky obstacles, jump and run your way to the next level.

As you defeat enemies, collect coins, and discover hidden treasures in each lesson, you'll climb the ranks and set new records.

🔥 Take on top-notch lessons:
- Monster Attack: Shoot all monsters and protect the city
- Banana Cat: Dash and jump over obstacles, run for your life to escape Banana Cat and Doge
- Evil Boy in yellow: Collect all items before the demon destroys you.
- Color friends: Survive Color friend monster and collect all letter blocks

⚡️ Simple yet addictive stimulation:
- Use buttons/joysticks to move, run and jump
- Swipe on the screen to find the best angle

🌟 Game features:
- Ultimate fun lessons with multiple levels to test your skills
- Various characters and skins to upgrade
- New pixel maps and landscapes on every level
- Leaderboard to track your records
- Awesome 3D pixel graphics and animation

Can you get an A for every lesson and become a straight-A student? Join Craft School: Monster Madness and find out now!

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Craft School: Monster Madness Craft School: Monster Madness Craft School: Monster Madness

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