AR Drawing: Paint & Sketch
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AR Drawing: Paint & Sketch

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AR Drawing: learn to sketch, trace, paint and create stunning masterpieces!

About this app

AR Drawing: Paint & Sketch - a powerful tool for artists, designers, and creative individuals.

🌈 Have you tried AR helping with your drawings? Introduce AR Drawing: Paint & Sketch - a revolutionary app that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to transform the way you draw, sketch, and paint.

🔥 AR Drawing: Paint & Sketch is an innovative mobile app that helps you learn to draw sketches and allows you to create stunning drawings and paintings using augmented reality technology by camera. Now it's time for you to draw and sketch anything you want on any surface!

👩‍🎨 Just trace a projected picture on paper and color it, drawing has never been easier. With just a few steps, you can complete your painting. AR Drawing: Paint & Sketch will help you learn to draw sketches at ease!

🤔 How to use 🤔
1. Locate the phone on a steady tripod or object.
2. Open AR Drawing: Paint & Sketch.
3. Import or choose a picture from Art Gallery
4. Convert your picture into border sketch.
5. Adjust the AR version of picture on canvas or paper.
6. Create your own stunning masterpieces!

💥 Main Features 💥
✔ Draw and trace with AR technology.
✔ Color and finish your creation.
✔ 1000+ Free samples of painting and tracing templates to trace anything.
✔ Lots of tracing genres to trace anything: Animals, Nature, Food, Anime etc.
✔ Convert your own picture for easy drawing using AI Conversion tool.
✔ Record time-lapse videos of your drawings, capture, analyze, and refine your workflows.
✔ Improve sketches with various options to create a complete photo drawing
✔ User-friendly features and interface make it easy to learn and use for both beginners and experienced artists.
✔ Discover your creative genius and bring your imagination to life.

🎨 Explore the world of augmented reality art and take your creativity to a new level. Download AR Drawing: Paint & Sketch today and start drawing out of your imagination!

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