Weather Mode: Weather Launcher
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Weather Mode: Weather Launcher

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Your Go-To Weather App & Home Screen – Get your weather at a swipe of a finger!

About this app

Stay ahead of the weather with Weather Mode: Weather Launcher, your trusted weather companion. Whether you're planning your daily activities or preparing for an outdoor adventure, our app provides real-time weather updates and forecasts to keep you informed and safe. Weather Mode: Weather Launcher also offers a clean and intuitive home screen layout, quick-swipe shortcuts and more!

Key Features:

Intuitive Home Screen Layout: Weather Mode: Weather Launcher offers a custom home screen experience that is clean and intuitive and sets up your phone for easy access shortcuts to get your forecast at swipe. No more searching your phone to get the weather report you need.

Real-Time Weather Reporting: Get up-to-the-minute weather information for your current and added locations. Accurate temperature, sunrise, sunset, feels-like temperatures, humidity levels, wind speed, visibility and more at your fingertips.

Detailed Forecasts: 7-day weather forecasts with daily temperature highs and lows, so you can plan your week with confidence. Our robust hourly forecasts ca help you make timely decisions throughout the day with precipitation percentages and hour by hour weather updates. Always stay prepared with the Weather Mode: Weather Launcher app!

Location-Based Weather: Get local weather reporting or add multiple locations to stay informed about different areas. Check the weather for your favorite travel destinations and look out for loved ones!

Sunrise and Sunset Times: Find out when the sun will rise and set in your location so you can plan outdoor activities based on daylight hours.

Weather Mode: Launcher is your go-to app for all things weather-related. Download now and stay informed about the ever-changing skies. Make weather decisions with confidence and be prepared for any forecast. Don't let the weather catch you off guard – Weather Mode has you covered!

Download Weather Mode: Weather Launcher today and experience the power of accurate, real-time weather information at your fingertips. Stay ahead of the elements, no matter where you are!

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