Vita Solitaire for Seniors
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Vita Solitaire for Seniors

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Large Card Games Designed for Seniors, Play the Classic Solitaire Game to Relax!

About this game

Vita Solitaire is a groundbreaking new take on the classic card game Solitaire, meticulously crafted for the senior audience. Immerse yourself in timeless card play with easy to see oversized cards, generously large text, and an easy-to-use, eye-friendly interface that caters to both pad devices and mobile phones of all shapes and sizes.

At Vita Studio, we have always been dedicated to crafting mobile games designed for seniors that bring back relaxation, fun, and joy. Our repertoire includes popular titles like Vita Solitaire, Vita Color, Vita Jigsaw, Vita Word Search, Vita Block, and more.

Get ready to have the time of your life in the new world of classic Solitaire, artfully tailored for senior citizens and other Solitaire enthusiasts alike. Our considerate design caters to players with a seasoned eye, offering a game experience that beautifully marries nostalgia, with brain-boosting challenges. Enjoy gameplay with a wide variety of free game themes, providing an exploration through the core of classic solitaire with bigger cards and bigger rewards.

Why Choose Vita Solitaire?
• Card-Centric Design: Our large fonts and oversized cards ensure that each round is easy on the eyes and stimulates the mind. This results in an exceptional gaming experience, whether you're using pad devices or mobile phones.
• Mental Kickstart: Vita Solitaire provides the perfect blend of relaxation with an Intellect turbocharge. Playing our version of Solitaire enhances problem-solving skills, mental alacrity, and can even aids in a getting a good night sleep, making it a truly all around beneficial puzzle game.
• Smooth Gameplay: Navigating through our intuitive Solitaire interface is a breeze. Whether you're new at Solitaire or a seasoned veteran, you can count on having a great time on any type of device and in any location.

How to Play Vita Solitaire:
Playing Vita Solitaire is made simple. Just tap or drag cards to arrange them how you want in descending order, with alternating numbers, colors, and suits. As you play, move cards to the foundation of the playing area, sorting all suits from Ace to King. Our redesigned cards are large enough for seniors to see and make gameplay as easy as a full house. For an added challenge, choose to draw one or three cards in this classic puzzle game.

Exclusive Vita Solitaire Card Game Features:
• Diversity of cards: Engage with different styles of decks and hands of varying difficulty.
• Monthly Card Challenges: Participate in monthly Solitaire challenges to win trophies
• Dynamic Card Updates: Regular updates to our system ensure that each game feels fresh and engaging, bringing you a new experience every time you shuffle your deck.
• Test Your Skills: Opt for either Draw 1 or Draw 3 modes to experience a variety of intense challenges.
• Rewards for Every Game: Complete daily tasks, collect suits or numbers, and unlock special rewards.
• Multi-Card Games: Enjoy various card games such as Freecell, Spades, Mahjong Solitaire, and more.
• Customized Card Play: Choose between portrait or landscape mode and select from a range of styles.
• Daily Card Challenges: Take on daily challenges, collect trophies, and improve your skills.
• Offline Solitaire Card Game Play: Enjoy Solitaire offline anytime anywhere no stings attached.
• VIP Solitaire Experience: Subscribe for ad-free user experience so you can really focus on the winning hand.
• Multi-device Solitaire Card Game Play: Optimized for both smartphones and pad devices, Vita Solitaire is a versatile card game made for those who love a challenge.

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