Merge Hexa Puzzle -Merge block
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Merge Hexa Puzzle -Merge block

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Most exciting block puzzles is waiting for your with endless game play!

About this game

About Game
Drag the numbers from the panel and put them on the board to generate the next number.
Merge Hexa Puzzle is an endless numpuz game.
Number match, merge blocks, hexagon, trangram, square, and other block hexa
puzzle elements are combined to give you a extreme merge block experience! Your goal is to merge numbers to achieve the next number with the minimum number used.

How to play?
Merge three blocks with the same number onto the board.
Rotate the block clockwise by tapping.
As long as you merge the blocks, higher numbers will be generated and lower numbers will be eliminated endlessly.
Use a hammer to remove a single hex block piece from the board.
Use bombs to remove adjacent blocks.
Use swap to interchange the position of a block.
If you can delete the latest generated block by using the deleting feature.

Mini Game

Color Hoop Stack
1600+ levels.
Sorting the ring in hoops with same color ring.
Take a ring and put on hoop which contain same color ring on the top, or empty.
Each hoop contain 3,4,5 or 6 rings.
If you getting stuck, you can undo last move.

Hexa Block Puzzle
300+ Levels.
Arrange the hexagon blocks to fit in the board / grid.
One’s you put into grid you will rearrange too.
Getting stuck! Don’t worry use hint.

Easy to play, hard to master.
There are no limits for number generation and merging. Get a reward after level completion.
Suitable for tablets and mobiles.
Realistic, high-quality graphics, and ambient sound. Realistic, stunning, and amazing animations.
Smooth and simple controls.
User-friendly interface and interactive graphics.

Download one of the most exciting Merge Hexa Puzzle is waiting for your challenges with endless game play!
Have fun!!!

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