Card Shuffle: Color Sorting 3D
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Card Shuffle: Color Sorting 3D

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Arrange and sort the card by color with unlimited cards!

About this game

About Game
Are you prepared for the brand-new, endlessly entertaining card shuffle sort puzzle game?
Card shuffle sort is a color card shuffle sorting puzzle game that involves rearranging the cards on the board to sort them into colored order.
The game is simple to play, but as long as you play it, you need some strategic skills to get more coins and gems to unlock the new card deck.
You can play this game endlessly; once you start playing it, you will not stop!
If you love to play games like sorting, matching, or any other brain puzzle, this game is made for you.

How to Play?
Pick cards of the same color and place them in an empty deck or on top of the card of the same color that you are currently picking.
Merge the same color cards to get coins and gems, which will help unlock a new card deck.
Upgrade the card merger to get more coins and gems while merging.
DEAL will generate new random cards for the open deck.
When all the decks open, a new theme will be opened, with new challenges and harder ones.

Card Sorting
Card sorting puzzle is a color card sorting puzzle game.
2500+ levels.

Easy to play, hard to master.
There are no limits for card generation or merging.
Get a reward after level completion.
Suitable for tablets and mobile
Realistic, high-quality graphics and ambient sound.
Realistic, stunning, and amazing animations.
Smooth and simple controls
User-friendly interface and interactive graphics.

Download the Card shuffle - color sorting 3D game now and enjoy the ultimate shuffle card puzzle game.

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