SuperFishing Casino- Slots 777
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SuperFishing Casino- Slots 777

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World's popular fishing※slots※poker games, Enjoy the ultimate casino experience!

About this game

✨Fishing games✨
The world's most complete fishing game with the highest explosion rate, four people are connected at the same table, super high bonus pool, one shot explodes the full screen, and the gold coins are instantly over 100 million~

《Arcade Fishing》
The most classic fishing methods, Jinchan fishing, Li Kui splitting the sea, the legend of the mermaid, the strong retro arcade style, and those familiar lines: Why is it always me who is unlucky every time~ I still get hit~ ~
《Crazy Fishing》
Brand new version, gorgeous upgrades, boss gameplay led by pirate captains, a lot of interesting mini-games, fun, exciting and unstoppable!
《Ocean King Fishing》
The most popular fishing methods are perfectly transplanted to mobile phones. Overlord Cancer, Abyss Octopus, Emperor Crocodile, Deep Dark Night,Treasure Ship, Ice Flame Dragon King, Burning Sky Flame Dragon, the gameplay is fully copied, and the experience will be upgraded!
《Deep Sea Fishing》
The deep-sea world is full of treasures. One hundred million yuan is not a dream. There is also a brand-new deep-sea treasure gameplay that will help you win tens of billions of gold coins!

✨Arcade Games✨
《Fruit 777》, 《Journey to the West》, 《Forest Party》, 《Mercedes-Benz BMW》, 《Birds and Beasts》, 《Dragon Tiger Fight》, 《Nine Gates》, Dozens of games, while classic and nostalgic, it also creates an exclusive dealer gameplay, allowing you to experience a different gaming experience; nervous and exciting, the winning rate is still very high, if you dare to bet, I will dare to open, full-screen marquee, The prizes don't stop!

✨Poker Games✨
《Texas", "Blackjack》, 《Sic Bo》, 《Baccarat》, 《Ngau》, 《Classical Ngau》, 《3 Cards》, 《Shi Shi Cai》, Here are all the poker games that are popular all over the world. Fighting against people is a lot of fun. There are also well-made local games such as《Domino》and《Tien Len》, which will bring you a different experience!

✨Slots Games✨
《Water Margin》, 《Electric Reels》, 《Lion Dance》, and other popular slot machines, connect more easily, reward more generously, and win the grand prize in the whole game!

【Exclusive information on Super Fishing】
Please go to Facebook and other major communities to follow the "Super Fishing", the information will be known in advance, you can also ask questions, extract opinions, and a large number of welfare activities will be launched from time to time~
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🔗Super Fishing Email: [email protected]

【Special Notes】
※This game is only for adult players (18+).
※This game does not provide "cash transaction", and there is no chance to win cash or physical prizes, only for user entertainment.
※Do not use this game to engage in illegal or other similar acts.

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