SteadyDrive: Insurance Savings
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SteadyDrive: Insurance Savings

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About this app

Good drivers save more

Finally, your good driving pays off.

Insurance companies base their prices for new customers on many factors like age and credit score, but not someone’s actual driving ability. SteadyDrive gives qualified users the chance to prove their good driving to insurers, potentially saving them hundreds a year.

Sign up in seconds. SteadyDrive uses your phone sensors to give you a driver score.

Drive like you normally do to unlock your personalized insurance quote.

After a few weeks of safe driving, you could save hundreds a year from a leading insurer.

Your phone sensors collect and evaluate your driving, such as acceleration, hard turning, speeding, phone use, and hard braking.

We value your privacy.
Your driving with SteadyDrive can’t increase your current insurance and no personal information is shared with insurers to qualify you for your personalized savings offer until you say so.

Join the thousands of drivers who’ve already saved – download and start driving your insurance rates down today.

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SteadyDrive: Insurance Savings SteadyDrive: Insurance Savings SteadyDrive: Insurance Savings SteadyDrive: Insurance Savings

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