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About this app

SendMeGlobal: Delivery app connecting travelers with package senders worldwide.

SendMeGlobal is a sustainable delivery solution that connects travelers with people who want to send packages the same way the travelers are traveling.
Travelers are able to cover a portion of their travel costs and senders enjoy cheap and fast delivery.

Thinking of making extra money while you travel locally or internationally? You could help people deliver packages to their loved ones and get some fee to cover part of your travel expenses.

Download and install the SendMeGlobal app now. Start connecting with people that want to send items to their loved ones at the same destination you are traveling to.

Post your trip details on SendMeGlobal. Let people who want to send luggage/items find you.
You can also search to find people that are looking for travellers to send items with.

Want to ship luggage faster and cheaper too?
Download the SendMeGlobal app now and start connecting with people that are planning their trips to where you want to send luggage to.
Connect with the travelers and negotiate delivery terms and fees.

Whether you are traveling by plane, train, ship, or with car sharing, you still have the opportunity to help someone take packages along and deliver them to their family and friends.

Send items with travelers from train stations to train stations. Send items with travelers from bus stops to bus stops.
Receivers meet you at the train station, Bus stops to collect the luggage/items.

SendMeGlobal app is easy to use, safe and convenient.

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