Mars Loot Run
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Mars Loot Run

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About this game

Unleash your imagination to customize your own city.

Tiny War is a mobile war strategy game in which players can defeat enemies by obtaining resources in all possible ways. A lucid mind is a must when it comes to picking suitable locations, establishing and expanding your own territories, creating alliances, and competing with thousands of online counterparts from all over the world to dominate the leaderboard.

1. Players must start small and progress quietly when starting the game. Only after your army forces come into certain shape can you go out to explore and plunder.

2. Resources are everything. Keep in mind accumulating resources to develop your base and advance technology.

3. You'd better ally with other players instead of fighting alone.

4. Advance your gunners, flamethrowers, tanks and other powerful units, in a bid to grab massive resources, conquer the land, and make your dream of world domination come true!

5. Create a balanced mix of different unit types to maximize your power and win the war.

This is a game with a variety of gameplay and a high degree of freedom. Come and download the game to fight with players from all over the world now!

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Mars Loot Run Mars Loot Run Mars Loot Run Mars Loot Run Mars Loot Run

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