Flashlight : LED Torch light

Flashlight : LED Torch light

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Useful app that helps you turn on the Flashlight on your mobile with one touch.

About this app

Flashlight : LED Torch light

Brightest, fastest, and most powerful flashlight in your pocket! Get the best free flashlight, plus get features such as a clapper, compass, sos, and a powerful magnifying glass all in one free flashlight! We truly believe it's the most featured rich LED light and the most helpful app to have in your pocket.

Flash Alert : Flashlight Torch allows you to blink the device's flash when you receive phone or SMS text or app notifications. This feature can increase the convenience of the user or help the user with a disability.

Flashlight Projector : Color flashlight app Selene is a strong flashlight Fast and brightest сolor app that uses bright LED flashlight and adjustable screen light dimmer. Featured disco light for Android phones and tablets. It will immediately make your phone more useful and turn it into one of the greate productivity tools in your life.

Tiny Flashlight + LED is a simple, free, flashlight app with LED light and several screen modes. Free plugins like the Strobe, Morse, and Blinking lights make this flashlight one of the best productivity tools for your device. Blink mode with green, blue, red and other colors for nightclub and disco. Once you download flashlight, you will never forget to bring this torch with you.

Brightest Flashlight : Torch light is a simple and useful app that helps you turn on the flashlight on your mobile with one touch. This Flashlight app is not only a free flashlight but also provides you with other helpful features: frequency flicker, a camera flashlight to find objects, and a compass.

Key Features of Flashlight - Flash Alert :
✔ When you receive a call, new text message, the flash will blink.
✔ Built in compass and map.
✔ You can regulate blinking frequency.
✔ Strobe light effect.
✔ Magnifying glass with photo capture.
✔ You can set up blinking with ON/OFF in detail.
✔ SOS for emergencies.
✔ Clapper to turn LED torch On/Off.
✔ Flash notification when a incoming call.
✔ Phone battery level indicator.
✔ A StatusBar notification is arrived, the flash will blink.
✔ Auto Light ON when you launch app.
✔ DJ lights flash for party use.
✔ Customize the length of each flash.
✔ Screen mode with custom color.
✔ Warning Road sign.
✔ Activate flash alerts for Normal, silent, and vibrate modes on your phone.
✔ Set the number of flashes per message.
✔ Turn off flashlight automatically with timer.
✔ Use as widget for fastest flashlight access.

Best if you are having party and you can use it as LED flashlights or DJ lights. In this Flash Alert : Discolight application you can control the intensity of the Flash.

Download this useful tool LED torchlight app now and never be without a handy torch! Use it as a super bright flash light.

Thank you for your support.!!

Disclaimer: Strobe light can cause epileptic seizures in some people with history of epilepsy. Do not point to the face for long periods.

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