DOP 5: Delete One Part
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DOP 5: Delete One Part

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Erase the boundaries of your imagination, solve puzzles and see what's hidden!

About this game


Were you always the first one to find Waldo as a kid, the best at I Spy, or even just a master puzzle and riddle solver? Then DOP 5: Delete One Part is the puzzle game for you’ve been waiting for! Put your brain to the test and see if you can pick which part of the puzzle to erase in order to answer the question and move onward through the levels.

🖐 Using your finger as an eraser, pick which part of the picture you want to delete to solve the puzzle and reveal the final image. While some of the puzzles might seem straightforward at first, others will really require you to use your brain to hunt for the correct item, or part of an item, that needs to be erased to solve the problem. Progress through levels of varying difficulty as the questions become more complicated and the answers require more precision and careful thought to puzzle out!


😍Unique Game Play – enjoy hundreds of bright, colorful, and fun pictures and scenarios that will really challenge your thinking skills. With smooth graphics and charming animations, you won’t be able to step away from this game! Test your logic by trying out different ideas to see which one will reveal the answer to the question.

✏️ Oh So Satisfying – Nothing beats puzzling out a tricky riddle and deleting the right part! Using logic and a bit of creativity, enjoy hunting out the different parts of each puzzle and erasing them with the swipe of your finger to uncover the hidden answer. And with so many levels, boredom is a thing of the past - whether you have two minutes or two hours, you’ll always have time to squeeze in a bit of problem-solving fun.

😌Tricky Yet Relaxing – there’s nothing stressful about this brain teaser game! Take your time thinking through the logic of each picture before putting the eraser to the test to see if you were right, all without worrying about being penalized for not getting it right on the first try. Of course if you’re really stuck, tap the help button for a hint. The main thing here though is to have fun and now sweat the small stuff!


So if you think you’ve got what it takes to puzzle out hidden items in a logic puzzle game, download DOP 5: Delete One Part today and get started solving riddles! Spend hours of relaxing fun using the eraser to reveal the full picture, while also giving your brain a mini workout with each new and trickly level. This riddle game is sure to please all, both young and old, as you harness your thinking power to solve each new mystery!

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