Draw Army: State Survivor
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Draw Army: State Survivor

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Save the country by drawing your soldiers in battleground to defeat the enemies!

About this game

Immerse yourself in the heat of battle with 'Draw Army: State Survivor.' As the city's valiant commander, you're up against a relentless enemy invasion. This is your moment to shine, to deploy your tactical mastery and strategic finesse to rescue the city from the brink of doom.

🌟 Strategize and Triumph
Strategically position your units on the battlefield and gradually regain control by capturing vital bases. Each decision counts, each move matters. Your strategic prowess will spell the difference between victory and defeat.

⚔️ Weaponry at Your Fingertips
Arm your soldiers with an impressive array of weapons, each with its own strengths and tactics. From sharpshooters to close-combat specialists, adapt your strategy to dominate every battle scenario.

🧭 Evolve Your Strategy
Evolve your tactical skills as you navigate through increasingly challenging levels. Your growth as a commander is crucial to outmaneuvering enemy waves and liberating the city.

🎮 Stunning Visuals
Immerse yourself in breathtaking 3D graphics that bring the battlefield to life. Engage in critical strikes, orchestrate calculated attacks, and witness the intense action firsthand.

🛠️ Upgrade for Supremacy
Amass points by obliterating enemy forces and reinvest them to upgrade your soldiers. Watch your units transform into an unstoppable force that strikes fear into the hearts of invaders.

It's time, Commander. Rally your troops, draw your strategy, and save the city in 'Draw Army: State Survivor.' Download now and claim your place in history!

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