My Puppy Daycare Salon - Cute
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My Puppy Daycare Salon - Cute

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Complete the your pet's routine and care them virtually.

About this game

Enjoy this all-in-one puppy day care - the cutest game ever!
Let's show some virtual pet puppy love.

Here, we can do some amazing activities in sweet dog daycare to enjoy the best pet care games for you.
we have included all the tasks those you wish to have in a perfect puppy daycare game.

we are sure that you will enjoy performing each and every tasks whether it would be rescuing or grooming or preparing pet's house etc....

Be the part of this amazing animal game to discover your inner skills when it comes to handle an injured puppy!
The puppy, here,requires a serious attention of yours. If you want to make him happy, you are going to offer him a special treatment once with the nursing.

Be the great Vet for your little pet and perform the medical tasks accurately. Please, don’t miss any of them because each one has an important role for this poor pet that will cure it and make it happy.
Oh no! puppy' s head is stuck with bucket. Rescue it smartly.
Cute little puppy is injured. Take care of it.Heal wounds,do nail care,ear cleaning and tail triming by using various tools like bandage,cotton,antiseptic cream,nail cutter,razor,etc.....

Build and construct a new beautiful home for your pet. Enjoy puppy house cleaning and house decoration.Don't forget to serve food and water near house.
puppy daycare is all about dress up your pet.

Accessorize your little puppy with beautiful dresses , necklaces , goggles and caps and do it's makeover. You will get different options for puppy's food utensil and toys also.
Puppy' s teeth are hurting. Let’s help him in cleaning teeth and kill the germs bacteria. Same as human teeth treatment, remove all the cavities from the puppy's mouth and perform teeth replacement procedure.

Little pet is injured while playing . It needs immediate surgery. Get ready with your surgery room! Learn about all the medical tools used in first aid treatment. Make sure the little puppy feels less pain.
Start with essential check ups like bp and heartbeat and then perform other surgical tasks. Remove wood stuck on body, dressing of wounds, apply ice on swelling head and so on.

puppy' s tail bone is injured. Perform bone replacement surgery and plaster the tail for fast recovery.
prepare some delicious food and feed for newborn pet.

You will get a chance to cook variety of foods like sandwitch,soups and egg custard for a puppy animal.

Make sure he eats well and gets enough energy for playing.
Grooming is very important for good health. Give your furry puppy friend a warm bath and a nice hair treatment
to make it look adorable. Don' t forget to apply a cute tattoo on it' s body to make puppy look more cool and dashing.

Like us, our pets also prefer their rooms tidy and clean.A beautiful room with comfortable bedding will help them get better sleeping experience.Clean and wipe its messy room,re- rack items on its proper place and then prepare a cosy bed for this little pet. Start slow music and turn off lights, then wish it a good night sleep.

Oh! my my! puppy is dreaming while sleeping! what is he seeing in it' s dreams?! I won' t tell that. you have to find out secret about dream by playing game yourself.

Even our pets need a beautiful garden to play there.It' s our duty to do make over of garden area and make it suitable for puppy. First of all, you need to clean the garden thoroughly. Repair fountain by playing a mini game and keep beautiful decorative plants.
Repair fence for safety of dog.

At last, light decoration will enhense the beauty of garden.
You will get fun while learn experience by performing every activity.This is very engaging game for sure!

Go for it and enjoy this beautiful journey!

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