Home Rescue: Blast & Collect
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Home Rescue: Blast & Collect

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About this game

Help Jenny out of trouble by LINK

By a twist of fate, you've become the owner of a once-splendid manor. Its glory days may be behind it, showing signs of wear and tear, but that's not the end of its story.

With "Home Rescue" you have the power to breathe new life into this majestic manor. In "Home Rescue" your first task is reviving the manor. It provides an array of home décor options to renovate the dilapidated estate. You can bring back its lost charm, tailoring it to your tastes. The stars earned from the match-and-eliminate game can be used to purchase more decoration items, giving your manor a much-needed facelift.

The heart of "Home Rescue" lies in its match-3, but novel link and eliminate gameplay. It's an all-new game where you connect matching fruits to eliminate them. You can experience the joy of slicing fruits in this cleverly designed game that's easy to understand and full of fun. Regardless of whether you're a newbie or a veteran of this genre, it will keep you hooked. It offers a rich variety of levels and elements, making each level a thrilling challenge. You have to exercise your brain and memory to find all possible fruit combinations to complete tasks.

The stars you earn are the key to your home renovation journey in "Home Rescue" Moreover, "Home Rescue" entrusts you with a special mission: rescuing the adorable animals in the manor. These cute kittens, puppies, and more are in distress and need your help. By resolving their issues, you can ensure they lead a joyful life in the manor.

All in all, "Home Rescue" is a casual game combining link-and-eliminate, home renovation, and animal rescue elements. While you indulge in the fun gameplay, you can create a dream manor of your own and help these cute animals. Join "Home Rescue" now and embark on your home renovation journey!

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************* Features *************
🎉 Unique Link-and-Eliminate Gameplay
Connect matching fruits to eliminate them and progress through exciting levels.

💕 Home Renovation
Customize and decorate the manor and gardens with a wide selection of home décor options, making it a personalized haven.

🎉 Engaging Challenges
Explore a variety of levels and elements, putting your brain and memory skills to the test.

🎉 Rewarding Progression
Earn stars for successful fruit elimination and use them to unlock new decoration items and advance in the game.

🎉 Animal Rescue
Help adorable animals in distress within the manor, ensuring their well-being and happiness.

🎉 Brain Exercise
Sharpen your cognitive skills and memory abilities as you strategize and solve challenges.

🎉 Abundant Rewards
Discover surprises and earn various rewards throughout your home renovation journey.

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Home Rescue: Blast & Collect Home Rescue: Blast & Collect Home Rescue: Blast & Collect Home Rescue: Blast & Collect Home Rescue: Blast & Collect Home Rescue: Blast & Collect

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