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Unleash your KTM's potential

About this app

Unlocking the full potential for KTM riders, the KTMconnect app is a sophisticated yet highly accessible tool that offers wireless connectivity functionalities, taking riding experiences to the next level.


Plan your journey and adventure further with confidence. Powered by SYGIC and operating offline, the NAVIGATION feature uses industry standard mapping to guide riders to their destination of choice. Either use the advanced search feature, browse a diverse range of POIs including gas stations, restaurants, and rest stops or select one of your pre-saved destinations to easily find your way to your favorite roads. Concise directions are delivered turn by turn to your KTM bike’s dashboard, so you can focus on what’s important – the ride!


Share your real-time location with your friends so they know when you'll arrive at their place! You got a GPX-file of an awesome trip of your friend or you want to export your trip and send it? No problem, our GPX import and export supports all of these features. Twisty roads feature enables your to plan trips beyond straight streets! Furthermore, see real-time traffic information on the map, speed limits, audio warnings and much more!


For the supported street bikes, find now the details of your Mobility Service* in the KTMconnect app! When unforeseen challenges are placed in your way, you can rely on our professional partner network to be at your side. We offer a 24/7 hotline service, on-site repair or tow away, accommodation, replacement vehicle, onward journey and more. Create your service request from the KTMconnect app and follow as the service vehicle approaches you.

*Available only in certain European countries with certain conditions.


Rev up your KTM SX-F and KTM XC-F with the cutting-edge Connectivity Unit Offroad. Unleash control like never before by syncing it with the KTMconnect app on your smartphone. Once you've got the app in your grasp, dominate every ride with absolute authority over power delivery, engine braking, traction control and quickshifter sensitivity. This isn't just an app – it's your command center.

Take charge of the engine's personality with customizable settings that let you tailor it to your every whim. The app doesn't just stop there; it's pre-loaded with suspension settings recommendations optimized for various racing terrains. Conquer any track with confidence, knowing your setup is finely tuned for peak performance.

But wait, there's more! The RIDER section on the KTMconnect app isn't just a spectator; it's your post-race analyst. Dive into comprehensive analytics, dissecting every line your motorcycle takes. Lap times are etched onto a virtual leaderboard, turning every ride into a personal competition. It's not just motocross; it's a battle for supremacy, climb on, rev up, and let the KTMconnect app redefine your motocross experience.

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