JA Sensei: Learn Japanese JLPT
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JA Sensei: Learn Japanese JLPT

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All aspects of the Japanese language and culture in a single professional app

About this app

All-in-one application to learn Japanese. Hiragana, katakana, kanji, vocabulary, phrasebook, grammar, and MUCH more! Basic to advanced lessons. Smart progress tracking exercises to improve your writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. Discover surprising culture facts to think like a Japanese, and avoid embarrassing situations.


On-going project since 2011, you are sure to get continuous updates and improvements
★ All audio clips by a native Japanese speaker for authentic Japanese pronunciation. No voice synthesis.
No Internet connection required, almost everything is downloadable
★ Highly customizable quizzes paired with the scientific SRS system that tracks your progress.
★ Adapted for beginners to advanced learners


✓ Ideal introduction to the Japanese language, and quick progress
✓ For each lesson: Japanese dialogue, vocabulary, grammar, exercises, and a culture page
✓ Take the final quiz to validate each lesson
✓ Many entertaining and explanatory illustrations

✓ Phonetic information and audio recordings for each Japanese sound
✓ Over 6,000 kanji with stroke orders, meanings, word examples, and more.
Kanji breakdown to analyze the composition of each kanji and remember it more easily
✓ Powerful kanji search tools by radicals, meanings, on/kun readings, JLPT levels, etc.
✓ Detailed kanji radicals information (Kangxi number, position, meaning, frequency, etc.)
Drawing tool to learn how to write kana/kanji/radicals with the right stroke order
✓ Learn by JLPT, Jouyou, or Kanji Kentai levels
✓ Create and manage your personal lists

✓ Over 900 Common Japanese phrases for real life communication grouped by themes
✓ Smart quiz to improve your Japanese expression and comprehension skills
✓ Learn Japanese phrases with audio clips and words in context
Each Japanese phrase can be broken down to get a list of words and detailed grammar explanation
Record your voice, and compare it to a native speaker's pronunciation
✓ Create and manage your personal lists

✓ Listen to entertaining illustrated situations
3 levels of difficulty for each situation. Easy enough for beginners and challenging enough for advanced users
Take the final quiz to validate your comprehension
✓ All words available in the vocabulary module to learn before listening to the text

✓ Be ready for a culture shock and avoid embarrassing situations!
✓ Fun and surprising detailed information on various topics of the Japanese culture
✓ Get straight into the Japanese mind to understand how they think and behave. Japanese people will feel more comfortable with you.

Thousands of words with audio clips grouped by themes
✓ Take audio, writing, or even speaking quizzes
✓ Comments explain the word when necessary
✓ Search for any word with one easy-to-easy search box
Record your voice, and compare it to a native speaker's pronunciation
✓ Create and manage your personal lists of Japanese words

Grammar: 185 easy to advanced grammar sheets with examples ordered by JLPT
Japanese Particles: 168 different usages with examples
Japanese Counters: 45 of the main counters with examples
Verbs and Adjectives: basic and advanced conjugation
Numbers: audio quiz, search tool, personal lists, etc.

An in-app paid version is proposed to support the investments for new features and contents

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