idChess – play and learn chess
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idChess – play and learn chess

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Play chess online and offline!

About this app

idChess is a mobile app for recognizing, digitizing, and broadcasting offline chess games, played on a real board. The app recognizes chess moves during the game in real time, records them in the form of chess notation, and saves them on your smartphone in PGN and GIF formats. idChess digitizes games, including blitz and rapid games. It can be used to broadcast chess games to a wide audience. Download the idChess mobile app for free and play chess offline in a technologically advanced way!

idChess for chess players and chess organizations
Chess federations, schools, and clubs use idChess both to conduct chess broadcasts and to teach chess. Also, idChess is suitable for individual use by players. In the process of self-study, idChess helps you simplify the chess learning process, keep a history of online and offline games, track your progress and improve your game.

idChess is used by chess players all over the world
The idChess app is already actively used in Russia, India, Bahrain, Turkey, Armenia, Ghana, Kyrgyzstan, and other countries. As part of the World Chess Olympiad 2022 in India, the classical tournament was digitized and broadcast using the idChess app and its chess recognition feature. idChess is an innovative product for chess players with no analogs in the world.

Recognize and broadcast chess games
idChess is based on computer vision and machine learning technologies. Using artificial intelligence, idChess recognizes chess pieces on the board and automatically records the chess notation of your game. To record and broadcast games, all you need is the idChess app installed on your smartphone and a tripod to securely mount your smartphone above the board. You can recognize games even offline. The idChess app does not require an Internet connection to digitize games.

Turn your regular chessboard into an electronic one with idChess!
The idChess mobile app replaces expensive electronic boards for digitizing and broadcasting chess games. You can play on a regular chessboard: magnetic, wooden, plastic, or any other, and then immediately view the game in the form of a chess diagram on your smartphone and analyze it. The size of a chessboard does not affect the operation of the app. The only criterion is that chess pieces must be made according to the classical Staunton model.

How to start recording chess games
To record games, you only need a smartphone with the idChess app installed and a tripod to mount the smartphone above the board.
To start using the application, you need:
Attach a tripod to the table where the chessboard is located.
Place chess pieces in their starting position.
Fix the smartphone in a tripod with the screen facing up so that the camera points at the chessboard, and the entire playing field falls into the lens.
Run the app and start recording.

Analysis and sharing of chess games
After completion, the game will be saved in the games library in the usual PGN or GIF format for chess players. Also, the app functions as a PGN viewer. The game recording will be available for sending to your coach via any convenient messenger, and it will also be possible to share the recording on social networks. For self-analysis of chess games, the Stockfish engine is built into the idChess mobile app. Even a child can handle the game analysis in the app! idChess highlights strong and weak moves in chess notation and ranks them by points. The app and our digital chess set are great helpers for chess kids, their parents, and coaches. Chess for children has never been so clear! idChess will be a great addition to the game of chess, as well as a chess timer/clock. It can replace a chess computer. Play chess with friends or a coach or analyze mistakes yourself in the idChess mobile app!

Online broadcasts of your games
Thanks to idChess, everyone can see your game on a regular board. Conduct single broadcasts or use idChess to broadcast the whole tournament!

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