Tiles Hop: Wednesday Addams

Tiles Hop: Wednesday Addams

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Tiles Hop: Wednesday Addams music dance

About this game

Tiles Hop: Wednesday Addams is a mobile game where players control a ball that bounces on a continuously scrolling platform made up of tiles.
The objective is to keep the ball from falling off the platform by tapping the screen to change the direction of the ball's movement.
The game features music from Wednesday Addams, a popular song from the American Horror-Comedy Film, as the background music.
Players can play along with the music while jumping to different tiles. The game has several different levels, each with increasing difficulty, and players can earn points and coins for performing stunts and setting high scores.
It's important to mention that the game I described "Tiles Hop: Wednesday Addams" it's not an existent game, and it's just my assumption for the game that could be, I might have mistaken the name too.

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