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Weather Home - Live Radar

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Accurate Local Forecast, Radar & Severe Weather Storm Alerts

About this app


Get live local weather forecasts and storm alerts directly on your home screen with the Weather Home – Live Radar Alerts & Widgets launcher application.

Our weather app is a launcher application, offering local daily forecasts, live radar, severe weather alerts, custom real time alert settings, daily local weather snapshots, accurate hyper local weather forecasts, severe live weather warnings, and storm tracker. Get immediate local and worldwide weather updates. Today’s temperature in detail provides important information on heat index, UV index, and tips to stay safe. Get everything you need to know outside of the weather channel for free in real time! We use the most accurate radar readings offered in order to alert you in advance of any extreme driving or storm situation to keep you safe.
•tWeather Feature Highlights:
•tCurrent weather conditions
•tHour-by-hour and day-by-day forecast
•tSmart Notifications
•tHyper-Local Forecast
•tWeather Visualization
•tStorm Tracker
•tMulti-level radar
•tWeather map layers
•tAnd many more!

Always be one step ahead with our weather app’s accuracy and details, be prepared for any storm, especially if they are severe and weather forecast changes so you know when it's safe to drive through a storm or snow conditions.

This launcher also includes customizable themes, news, popular videos, and other awesome utilities in order to provide the most feature-rich launcher experience possible!

Download our Weather Home today to get quick access -1 screen with detailed local weather!

* Weather Home uses device Accessibility permissions to lock the screen when an in-app gesture is performed. This is optional and disabled by default.

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