Beast Survivors: Rogue
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Beast Survivors: Rogue

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About this game

Beast Survivors is a new time survival game with lots of cool monsters to slay. All you have to do is fight hundreds of demonic beasts, collect experience crystals and unlock new epic powers that will let you survive the night. A selection of great warriors is available for you, each of them having unique abilities and attributes.

Choose your weapons and perks wisely, as the number of slots for those is limited. Experiment with the combinations and upgrades to maximize the damage. For example, you can turn Magic Missile into Missile Barrage to send the continuous stream of projectiles towards the enemies. The list of available upgrades at the level up point is randomized, so each gameplay session is unique as you have to adapt the strategy to the current circumstances.

Survive waves of infernal beasts and defeat ultra powerful bosses to get more gold, perks and other rewards. Use gold to purchase new characters and upgrade the base stats of all your warriors. Do not worry about death, as it’s always just the beginning of a new fun and challenging beast slaying run for you!
Remember: each minute brings a new enemy wave!

- Choose one of 10+ characters with unique abilities.
- Fight huge beast hordes of up to 400 bloodthirsty monsters.
- Wield dozens of weapons and weapon upgrades to slay the beasts as fast as possible.
- Use 16 artifacts with passive buffs to maximize your character build effectiveness.
- Upgrade 16 character stats and choose which ones to prioritize.
- Survive as long as you can and get rewarded for each 10 minutes alive.

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