Craft War: Merge Battle
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Craft War: Merge Battle

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Merge bowmasters and shoot the invaders to win the turn-based 3D archery game

About this game

Are you ready to join the war of bow and arrow? Do you want to merge and upgrade your own craft archers and defend your castle from enemies? If yes, then Craft War: Merge Battle is the game for you!

Craft War: Merge Battle is a turn-based 3D archery game that combines the fun of merge craft games and tower defense games. In this arrow game, players can merge craft archers to create powerful Craft Army. These bowmasters squad can then be upgraded to shoot arrows at the enemy army with even greater precision and power to win the bow and arrow war.

The Craft War: Merge Battle is set in a fantasy craft world where the enemy army is trying to invade your kingdom. Your goal is to defeat the enemy army and capture their castle in each level to win the bow and arrow war. Playing Craft War: Merge Battle, you will face different enemies, such as zombies, skeletons, spiders, creepers, and many other mutant mobs. Each enemy has its own strengths and weaknesses, so you will need to use strategy and tactics to merge win the archery battle.

To play the bow and arrow game, you drag and drop identical craft archers to merge them into higher-level bowmasters. The more powerful archer, the faster you can defeat the invaders. You must carefully aim your archer shots in order to maximize their effectiveness, taking out archery enemy units with greater precision. By dragging the power slider and adjusting the angle control of bow and arrow, you can increase or decrease the strength of the arrow shot and adjust the trajectory of the arrow as well.

Craft War: Merge Battle features:
- Merge gameplay and archery mechanics that are one of a kind
- Pixelated 3D graphics, smooth animations, and realistic sound effects.
- Challenging levels with diverse enemies, and the various weapons and skills

The arrow game Craft War: Merge Battle is easy to play but hard to master where strategic skills can help. You will need to think fast and act smart to survive the bow and arrow fest.

If you love merge games and tower defense games, you will love Craft War: Merge Battle. Download it now for free and become the greatest craft archer hero in history!

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