Tiny Flashlight + LED
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Tiny Flashlight + LED

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Flashlight app. Uses the camera LED / flash / screen as a torch.

About this app

Tiny Flashlight + LED is a simple, intuitive, and free torch app with support for LED flash light and several screen lights. Free flash plugins like the Strobe flashlight, Morse Code, and Blinking flash lights make this flashlight one of the best productivity tools for your device.

Flashlight app for any phone model and tablet.
Flash notification and flash alerts.
LED Flash brightness control.

LED Light
Use the LED Light to switch on the camera flash as a torch. Check the information about the battery life and battery temperature while the torch is in use. Start the light timer to switch off the torch automatically after a predefined period. Enable the battery status and light timer from settings. Tap on the battery temperature indicator to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The LED Light screen is available on devices with camera flash.

Brightness Control
Control the brightness level of your device's camera LED light using the brightness control at the bottom of the LED Light screen. The control offers several flashlight brightness levels depending on your device's hardware capabilities and allows for rapid changes between minimum and maximum brightness. The brightest flashlight level should be safe for continuous use but may decrease the battery charge faster. Flashlight Widgets with different brightness levels are available on the home screen and can be used to set a specific brightness level depending on your lighting needs. The Brightness Control functionality for the camera flash is accessible on Android 12+ but may not be available on some devices. The Screen Light brightness control is always available.

Screen Light
The Screen Light is your pocket lantern, which is always available. If you don't need the brightest light possible but something dimmer to go easy on your eyes, you can use this white screen mode as a real lantern.

Light Bulb
Have fun with this traditional lamp with switchable colors and variable brightness. Swipe left or right to switch the lamp colors, and up and down to change brightness. The letter A indicates that the light bulb would use the light sensor for its shine.

Morse Code
Send Morse code messages like SOS, CQD, or free text. Choose the speed of the transmission and whether to transmit it from the flashlight or screen light.

Strobe Light
Create different blinking light patterns on the strobe light screen. Choose the ON and OFF blinking frequencies and decide whether to use the flashlight or screen light. Use it as a torch beacon or flash alert in crowded spaces to guide your friends.

Police Lights
Create different lighting patterns for fun and use them at parties. Police Lights, Party Lights, Disco Lights. Now you can share your unique light patterns with your friends and have fun together!

Flashlight Notification
Use the notification controls for quick access from the status bar.

Customizable Light Widgets
Add a custom LED or Light Bulb widget on your home screen with a specific color and functionality.

Tiny Flashlight is useful as a searchlight when you need to find your keys or your way back home. If there is no electricity, or you need to find something under the bed, Tiny Flashlight will always be there to help you.

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