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UFO Invader: Time to Conquer Earth!

About this game

UFO Invader: Time to Conquer Earth!

Embark on a mysterious extraterrestrial adventure with UFO Invader, a captivating mobile game that immerses you in the midst of a comprehensive alien invasion and construction phase.


After centuries of observation, an alien race has decided to take action by visiting Earth and collecting everything in its path. Attempting to control humans, animals, vehicles, and even nature itself, these aliens are determined to construct their galactic bases, overcoming any obstacle in their way.

Game Features:

Strategic Warfare: UFO Invader provides players with the opportunity to test their skills in strategic battles against enemy soldiers, tanks, helicopters, and more. Define your strategy using powerful tools such as tornadoes, EMPs, and laser weapons to fend off your adversaries.

Guided Rockets and Towers: Strategically place guided rockets and towers to establish an effective defense against your enemies. As the difficulty increases with each level, discover new items to enhance your defense and refine your strategy.

Galactic Base Construction: In addition to conquering Earth, build your own galactic base. Collect resources, upgrade your buildings, and explore new technologies to strengthen your alien army.

Graphics and Sound: UFO Invader offers stunning graphics and impressive sound effects, creating a visual spectacle that draws players into the atmosphere of a real alien invasion.

Immerse yourself in the journey of conquering the world and constructing your galactic empire with UFO Invader. Experience this exciting game on your mobile devices and take control of the alien invasion!

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