Lethal Company: Mobile Horror
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Lethal Company: Mobile Horror

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Lethal Company: Mobile Horror - Survive dangers, collect scrap, meet quota! 🚀

About this game

🚀 Lethal Company: Mobile Horror 🚀

Embark on a spine-chilling adventure in the eerie depths of abandoned industrialized moons with "Lethal Company: Mobile Horror." As a contracted worker for the ominous Company, your mission is to brave the haunting landscapes, collecting scrap to meet the Company's profit quota. Unveil the mysteries lurking in the steel and concrete underbellies of these moons while balancing the risks and rewards.

🌑 Explore and Survive:
Roam through the desolate outdoors and delve into the derelict structures that echo with the whispers of a forsaken past. Beware of lurking dangers that target the vulnerable and lonesome, as the protection of your crew becomes your only beacon of hope. Nature is both your ally and adversary – scan creatures you encounter to expand your bestiary.

💼 Upgrade and Customize:
Utilize the cash earned from your scavenging endeavors to unlock new moons, each with higher risks and lucrative rewards. Choose to invest in upgrading your suits and decorating your ship with fancy accessories. Strive to balance between personalization and survival as you face the unforgiving challenges of the moons.

🔦 Strategic Team Play:
The moon's treacherous terrain demands strategic cooperation with your crew. Guide your team from the safety of your ship, utilizing radar technology to spot traps and remotely unlocking doors. Alternatively, face the dangers together, exploring side by side. The Company store offers a plethora of tools, from lights and shovels to walkie talkies and stun grenades, ensuring your team is equipped for the unknown.

🌙 Survive the Night:
As darkness descends, the moons become even more perilous. Communicate with your crew to gather all valuables and return to the safety of your ship before the nocturnal threats emerge. Avoid leaving anyone behind in the moon's unforgiving landscape as you strive to meet the Company's quota and survive the night.

🔧 Key Features:

Immerse yourself in a captivating horror experience on industrialized moons.
Strategize and communicate with your crew to navigate dangers.
Upgrade your gear and customize your ship for both style and survival.
Explore diverse landscapes, scanning creatures to expand your bestiary.
Face the challenge of meeting the Company's profit quota against nocturnal threats.
🌌 Download "Lethal Company: Mobile Horror" now and uncover the secrets that lie within the haunting moons. Will you emerge as a survivor or succumb to the darkness? The Company is watching... 🌌

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