FAX App: Send Faxes from Phone
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FAX App: Send Faxes from Phone

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Send & Receive mobile PDF documents from your Android phone. Doc Scanner app.

About this app

Fax for Free - a Send and Receive mobile machine. Easy Faxing App - Scan PDF documents on your Android phone or tablet now!
e FAX app, a digital machine number, will simplify your life and will let you receive and send documents to anyone in the world!

And without going out of your current place! And the best thing is that you can send many doc formats and you can also track the faxes that you already sent to make sure that they reached their destination.

e Fax from iPhone free with a business number. A faxing machine for iPad:

Key features of Fax from Phone and Tablet for Android.
Sending mobile PDF documents:

★ Very easy to use reader ★

✓ Our app is straightforward to use, and you can run it within a few seconds. You can start receiving number and free faxing docs without complications.

★ Scan documents ★

✓ Use document scanner anytime and anywhere - easy fax file.

★ Many doc formats ★

✓ We support almost all forms of docs and images, such as receiving PDF, DOC, JPG, PNG & TIFF, and HTML.

★ Other features ★

✓ Preview any number and document before sending it to make sure that it’s the right one.
✓ Combine multiple reports into a single digital fax machine.

Download e FAX App reader: Sending Faxes from Phone for Free. Scan, Send & Receive mobile PDF documents. Easy Faxing App!

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