Escape Room: 25 Doors Origins2
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Escape Room: 25 Doors Origins2

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Explore breathtaking landscapes, tricky escape puzzles.

About this game

Hidden Fun Escape has developed Free New Room Escape Games, a collection of new escape games in various genres. This classic puzzle escape game is a must-try for those who enjoy the challenge of escape games.

Hidden Fun Escape caters to avid gamers, creating point-and-click adventures with genres such as room escape games, door escape games, key escape games, adventure escape games, horror escape games, puzzle room escape games, and exit escape games. Each level immerses players in a different escape scenario, providing a real-live escape room feel with logical puzzles that simulate the challenge of breaking free from a locked room. If you enjoy escape games, you must not miss this experience!

The variety of room escape games provided by Hidden Fun Escape appeals to a broad audience, making it accessible through a single link to an escape game room. These games offer a free and enjoyable activity, providing entertainment.

Hidden Fun Escape's escape games not only entertain but also enhance memory and logical power. Immerse yourself in hidden fun games that trap you in rooms, pushing you to find creative exits. For those seeking brain challenges, Hidden Fun Escape's link in the Play Store is your gateway to the best escape games, offering simplicity in finding hidden objects and solving puzzles with clever clues.

Story: Embark on a journey of 25 captivating levels in our immersive escape game! Challenge your wits, solve intricate puzzles, and navigate through a series of thrilling scenarios. Each level presents a unique puzzle to unravel, a mystery to solve, and an escape to master. Immerse yourself in this challenging adventure, where every level unlocks new dimensions of excitement. Are you ready to conquer the escape challenges and emerge victorious? Enter the world of 25 Level Escape Games now!

The best escape games from Hidden Fun Escape encourage players to think critically, solve puzzles, find hidden objects, progress through interesting levels, and appreciate exciting graphics and methods of problem-solving, all designed to keep players engaged without boredom. The new Escape Games of 2024 introduce hidden objects, trapped rooms, tiny puzzles, complicated challenges, mysterious environments, all with the common goal of finding the key to exit.

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Game Features

🌟 Detective Stories & Multiple Escape Room.
🌟 Unveil Hidden Objects.
🌟 Challenging Escape Room Puzzles.
🌟 Unlock Level upon completion of previous level.
🌟 Stunning Escape Room Graphics.
🌟 Efficient Escape Game with Low Memory.
🌟 Hints in every escape games – When you are confused.
🌟 Free Coins & Free level escape games.
🌟 Game save Option.

Hidden Fun Escape is provided in 10 languages: English, Chinese Simplified, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

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