Escape Room: Grim of Legacy
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Escape Room: Grim of Legacy

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Unravel the dark secrets of the past in this immersive escape game & puzzles

About this game

Welcome to "Escape Room: Grim of Legacy" by ENA Game Studio! Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure filled with mystery and challenges in this point-and-click escape game.

The archaeologist brings the box home and carefully examines it, unaware of its true nature. Meanwhile, his young daughter, full of curiosity and innocence, unknowingly takes the box, mistaking it for a toy or a simple trinket. As she opens the box, a radiant portal materializes before her, beckoning her to step inside.
With a childlike sense of wonder, the archaeologist's daughter hesitantly steps through the portal, finding herself transported to an entirely different world. This world is unlike anything she has ever encountered—a realm brimming with magical creatures, vibrant landscapes, and a mix of friendly and treacherous characters and they also need to overcome all consequences and return home.

Four main characters are present. Each of them has financial needs. The unidentified man gives tasks to all of them depending on their present situation. The game does, however, get very serious. Everyone was terrified and wanted to abandon the game, but they only had one option to play or die. On the other side, the enigmatic man had detained the relatives of all four characters in order to extort them. Everybody save one character is disqualified, but there's a twist: the character feels obligated to remain there in order to find the enigmatic stranger. When he finally attacks him, he finds out that his opponent is a robot. The second part will reveal that the antagonist has made his getaway.

*If you're looking for a game that is easy to start playing but difficult to stop, with an engaging combination of captivating puzzles and a straightforward user interface.

*As you navigate through each level, you must strategically combine and manipulate various elements to unlock doors, activate switches, and overcome mind-bending puzzles.

*Time is of the essence as the labyrinth constantly morphs and rearranges itself, challenging your ability to think quickly and adapt to the ever-changing environment.

Escape room facilities are popular locations for escape games. These facilities have multiple rooms or scenarios, each with a different theme or storyline. Participants are typically locked in a room and must solve puzzles and find hidden clues within a given time limit to escape.

*Escape games feature a variety of puzzles and challenges that players must solve to progress in the game. These can include riddles, ciphers, hidden objects, logic puzzles, pattern recognition, and more. The puzzles are usually interconnected, requiring players to find clues in one area of the room to solve puzzles in another.

*Mini-games often feature fast-paced and immersive gameplay that keeps players hooked. They are designed to be easy to pick up and play, providing quick bursts of entertainment and fun challenges

We are creating a remarkable soundscape that requires creativity, attention to detail, and experimentation. Enjoy the process and trust your instincts to create a truly unforgettable audio experience.

*Attractive 50 Challenging levels
*Step-by-step hints features available
*Suitable for all gender age groups
*Play addictive mini-games
*Immersive locations & puzzles!

Available in 26 languages---- (English, Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese)

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