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Charge your electric vehicle with the Specter Energy app.

About this app

The Specter Energy app is designed for electric vehicle owners/drivers. The Specter Energy app helps them find the nearest charging station on a map and easily charge their electric vehicles. The Specter Energy app will help you customize your charging process and use more advanced filters. With the Specter Energy app, electric vehicle drivers can easily pay through our mobile app by adding their payment cards or receiving coupons from Specter Energy. Users can save their favorite charging stations in our app or easily connect to our technical support team through simple chat and resolve their issues.

Functionality of our application:

1. Registration and login.
2. Find your nearest AC/DC chargers on the map.
3. Easily find your chosen charging station by name on the main page.
4. Top up your balance using payment cards such as Uzcard, Khumo, Visa and Mastercard.
5. Customize the charging process for yourself by installing filters such as charging by kilowatts, charging by percentage or amount of money.
6. Filter by connector type, charging station capacity and more.
7. Leave a review of the station you used to charge your car.
8. Add your car to personalize your experience.
9. Save your favorite station for easy and quick access.
10. Always look at nearby stations.
11. Use various coupons provided by Specter Energy to top up your coupon balance and charge your vehicle.
12. Personalize the experience by adding your additional information and personal image.
13. Reset your password easily.
14. Use our dark mode theme for a smoother nighttime viewing experience.
15. Use two languages: Uzbek and Russian. English coming soon.

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