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PixAI:AI Anime Art Generator

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PixAI: Unleashing Artistic Potential with AI - Now with Exciting Features!

About this app

PixAI continues to be your go-to platform for unleashing your artistic potential with cutting-edge AI technology. Transform your imagination into captivating artwork effortlessly, and best of all, it's free! Explore our comprehensive Model Market, edit with powerful tools, and engage with a vibrant artists' community. PixAI merges technology and creativity to redefine artistic boundaries.

[Key Features]:

Model Market:
Discover a vast array of AI models, including exclusive ones like LoRA, in our comprehensive Model Market. Find the perfect model for your creative projects.

Powerful Editing Tools:
Effortlessly modify image details with inpaint and outpaint tools, and tailor your images to your exact specifications.

Online LoRA/Character and Style Template Training:
Craft characters and style LoRAs with ease using PixAI's online tools. Infuse your artwork with the style of your favorite artists or create stunning virtual characters.

Artists' Marketplace and Gallery:
Immerse yourself in a vibrant artists' community. Explore and share your work in our extensive Artists' Marketplace and Gallery.

Artistic Events and Competitions:
Engage in monthly artistic community competitions, showcasing your talent and distinguishing yourself in the PixAI community.

Picture to Art:
Transform your photos into animated characters with just a few simple steps.

Rich AI Drawing Tools:
Explore various tools like Controlnet, Extract Descriptions from Images, and Hi-Res Upscaling for enhanced creativity.

PixAI Exclusive Models:
Access the best SD anime models exclusive to PixAI.

Credit System:
Earn credits through daily logins, events, and competitions. Membership offers additional credit benefits.

Membership Perks:
Unlock special badges, customize your profile, and access credit packages with membership.

[New Features]:

Animate Your Imagination:
Create captivating videos from your static images with the all-new "Animate" feature. Transform your imaginative scenes into dynamic, visually stunning videos effortlessly.

Participate in various artistic competitions anytime through the dedicated "Contest" entry. Showcase your talent, explore past themes, and be inspired by the diverse artworks within the PixAI community.

PixAI: Your Artistic Playground
Transform ideas into art and redefine boundaries with PixAI. Your masterpiece awaits.

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Terms Of Use: [https://pixai.art/terms](https://pixai.art/terms)

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