Idiom Solitaire - 成語大師
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Idiom Solitaire - 成語大師

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Idiom Solitaire - 成語大師 is a super fun idiom Solitaire puzzle game!

About this game

Idiom Solitaire - 成語大師 is a super fun idiom Solitaire puzzle game. It integrates level-breaking mode and puzzle learning. It is a edutainment game, allowing you to continuously enrich your knowledge of idioms while enjoying the thrill of level-breaking and upgrading!
Simple game style, elegant background music, easy-to-use game settings, and levels with increasing difficulty, this educational and casual idiom game combines learning and challenges, let you feel the profoundness of idiom culture while reducing stress!

Game Features:
·Challenge mode, with increasing difficulty, various interferences, and constant challenges
·The style of painting is simple and elegant, and the music is elegant, so that you can relax while playing the game
·The rules of the game are simple and clear, and the operation is easy to use
· A variety of props, even if you encounter difficulties, you can easily solve them
· Idiom vocabulary book, a walking idiom library, allowing you to check the idioms you have learned at any time
· Massive idiom levels, let you play until you can't stop!

Come and download the Idiom Solitaire - 成語大師, anytime, anywhere, eliminate boredom, increase knowledge, games can also make you gain a lot!

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