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August 25, 2022

OPEN POINT is a bonus point business issued by Uni-President Supermarket Co., Ltd. It is currently available in all stores in Taiwan. Payment, accumulation, and discount can be done at once!

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Released on
Jul 7, 2015
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Updated on
Aug 25, 2022
Updated on August 25, 2022
OPEN POINT:有7-ELEVEN真好! APK version 5.29.0 requires Android 5.0 and up, API level 21 or higher.
- 付款碼功能優化-新增【開心卡、數位商品禮券】支付更便利。
- 此版本支援安卓 5.0 以上作業系統,請升級後安裝。

感謝您愛用OPEN POINT,我們會定期更新應用程式,期望提供更便利的服務及體驗,請立即下載最新版本!
OPEN POINT is a bonus point business issued by Uni-President Supermarket Co., Ltd. Currently, it can be used in all stores in Taiwan, and you can pay, accumulate points, and redeem at one time!
【Cooperation channel】
7-ELEVEN, Kang Shimei, Carrefour, Speedmail gas station, 21st Century Living Museum, Mister Donut doughnut, COLD STONE Cool Stone Ice Cream, Semeur St.

【Point introduction】
Members can easily accumulate points by showing their barcode, reporting their mobile phone number, or using icash2.0 or OPEN wallet at 7-ELEVEN.

1. Accumulation - Inquire about the latest point discount information, accumulated point channels and activities.
2. Redemption - Redemption of preferential products and cooperative channel coupons.
3. Query - OPEN POINT points obtained by consumption.
4. Binding - commonly used icash2.0 (co-branded card) binding, more convenient to use.
5. Payment - OPEN wallet, icash Pay and cloud happy card payment are super convenient!
6. Services - ibon ticketing, printing, payment, shipping, stored value, bonus, shopping and lifestyle services.
7. Gathering Points - Small 7 Gathering Point Cards, collecting and redeeming points is more EASY!
8. Invoices - save invoices for consumption, and it is more intimate for members to match awards/notify to receive awards.
9. Group purchase-i is cost-effective, one person will enjoy the group purchase price.

【Support Specifications】
From this release, the specifications supported by the phone are adjusted as follows:
- Android version 5.0 and above
Please upgrade or install the app in the above recommended usage environment, otherwise the app may not be available