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my mental health friend
being: my mental health friend
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Your mental health friend & self therapy app for anxiety, depression & stress

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being: my mental health friend
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Feb 3, 2020
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Oct 1, 2022
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- A true glimpse into your progress:
Better than ever check-ins before and after a mini-therapy, so you easily understand your progress

- Real-time recommendations:
Get personalized suggestions for your next set of mini-therapies, based on your progress. Unique curations every time
Are you battling your mental health troubles alone?

Problems with your partner that leave you needing mental support?

Is your work inducing stress and anxiety, making each day harder to get through?

Are you tired of mental health apps that focus only on meditation?

If you seek mental relief and better help for mental health that goes beyond mindfulness...

You're in the right place.

Hi there, Welcome to being 👋

A unique self-therapy app (read: buddy) that cares.

Your mental health friend and self-care guide.

meditation and mindfulness alone can't support mental well-being.

Why? Because mental health means feelings, countless feelings that we experience every single day.

And being has something for all of them.

therapy app that goes beyond traditional mindfulness practices to address what you're feeling in the moment.

Be it stressdepressionanxiety reliefproductivity, loneliness, or any mental and emotional struggle you are battling,

being seeks to understand you, to help you GROW through what you GO through.


being offers you small, easy, and simple steps for self-improvement.

When you're lonely, upset, anxious, or depressed,

When you can't sleep or question your existence,

Even when you don't know what you are feeling…

Try A Mini-Therapy 💖

A mini-therapy is a bite-sized therapy session.

Professionally created, short, interactive, and hyper-personalized

For all your emotions… known or unknown.

The best part? Start feeling better in under 10 minutes. 🤗

When you need mental relief or therapy, give Mini-therapy a try.

Form Mini-Habits 🌻

Mini-habits help you practice self-acceptance and self-care through small steps,

And support anxiety release by helping you be in the moment :)

Let Music Therapy 🎵 help you find mental love.

Anytime is a good time for self-care, whatever the mood.

And being has a playlist for every mood, emotion, and activity.

Even a few minutes of being's Music Therapy enables anxiety relief. ✨

Some mental health apps deliver meditation or mindfulness advice.

And some people may shame you for talking about your emotions (or ask you to “go take a walk”)

But not being.

being recognizes that mental health is a continuous and lifelong journey.

And when it comes to coping with anxiety and depression,

Every day is different. Some days are more challenging than others…

No matter what, being will be your mental health friend on all kinds of days, even the hardest ones.


✔ Science-backed tools like CBT and DMT

✔ Calming and Focus Music

✔ Journal prompts

✔ Affirmations

✔ and much more!

You see, self-help is the most important kind of help for personal well-being.

But what if you also had a bit of guidance and a whole lot of care and love to go along? Enter being.

We can't promise that there won't be tough times;

But even on days when you can't see a single ray of light,

being's got your back.

Your mental health is safe with being! Promise!

Now take a few minutes to relax and just be :)

Your new pal, being 💜

Disclaimer: being is not a replacement for counseling or therapy
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