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foodora Sweden

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foodora Sweden apk

Order your favorite take away food online from over 1400 restaurants 馃崟馃崳馃馃崝馃崪

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Aug 23, 2012
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Aug 29, 2022
Updated on August 29, 2022
foodora Sweden APK version 22.17.0 requires Android 5.0 and up, API level 21 or higher.
We know where you can find the flavours that fit you. If there's one thing we know it鈥檚 food delivery. It鈥檚 our mission to bring tasty food from your favourite local restaurant right to your door so you can eat good food everyday. We'll go the extra mile to make your order the greatest food experience in the world. Hungry for wood-fired pizza, a classic burger or the freshest sushi? We know the best food for every cuisine that your city has to offer. foodora is the best food delivery and take away service in your city -- so let's take the first bite!

You can find us in most Swedish cities - check if we're in your city by downloading the app.


You鈥檙e ready and waiting to eat, we鈥檝e all been there, dreaming of thai food, eating burgers in our dreams. Here鈥檚 what we do: first choose between delivery and Pick-Up to fit food ordering seamlessly into your schedule. Pick-Up is simple -- you make your order and then collect your food from the restaurant once it鈥檚 ready. No more queuing, ever (our app is magic). If you choose delivery, our couriers will bring the food you've been lusting after right to your door. Dreams really do come true.


First, enter your address (home/ office/ treehouse). Then, choose your favourite restaurant and place an order. They鈥檒l prepare your food and once it鈥檚 ready, our courier bring it to you. If you need something to watch, you can track your rider in real-time. Then you eat. Food goals.


foodora chooses your local favourites; the best food near you. Vietnamese or Italian, healthy salads or food to nurse your hangover -- your dinner will be cooked with love and care. Our riders come to your very doorstep with a smile while you save time to do something else you love. There's a cuisine and a dish to suit every moment, and we'll help you make the first bite last.


Of course your safety is important to us. We guarantee secure, simple mobile payment, so you can eat when you're hungry and pay however you like.


If you鈥檝e ordered with us before, we鈥檇 want to know what you think. Give us your food thoughts/ teenage confessionals. Let us be your notepad.
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