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Traffic police fines Official traffic rules

Traffic police fines with photos from official sources. Checking and paying fines online.

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Штрафы ГИБДД официальные ПДД
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Feb 6, 2015
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Oct 11, 2022
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* Fixed errors, improved application stability.
Official traffic police fines with photos - a reliable application for checking and paying traffic police fines online. More than 500 thousand traffic police fines are checked every day. Instant payment of fines in the application.

In the application you can:
- View traffic police fines with a photo
- Find out traffic fines 2022
- Check fines online
- Checking and paying fines
- See Moscow parking fines
- Find traffic police fines by car number, STS and rights
- Receive automatic notifications of new fines
- See all paid traffic police fines with a photo

- Official information of the state information system (GIS GMP), traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and DIT of Moscow
- Car traffic police fines are checked with a photo by VU or by vehicle and STS
- Simultaneous search for fines for several vehicles and / or VU, including for commercial and state car parks
- Traffic police fines with a photo of the place of violation on the map
- Push notifications about new traffic fines
- Traffic police fines from traffic police CAFAP cameras
- Payment online by UIN from the application using a bank card
- Checking car fines for parking in Moscow, fines AMPP, MADI
- Receipts confirming payment of fines for communication with traffic police or passport control
- Registration of an electronic OSAGO policy online
- Compare prices in 19 insurance companies
- Checking KBM for the purchase of OSAGO insurance

Our application is the best assistant for issuing an electronic OSAGO policy online. We show the prices of 19 leading insurance companies, taking into account the KBM. Compare and choose the best offer. The OSAGO calculator online will require a minimum of documents to calculate the cost of insurance.

Complete information about traffic police fines online
The traffic police fines are displayed with a photo for most violations. The location of the violation is shown on the map.

24/7 search for fines
Checking fines online works in all regions of Russia.
All fines of the traffic police are checked by last name, by driver's license and STS without commission. There are fines for parking in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. Reflect the fines transferred to the FSSP.

Notifications about new fines
With push notifications, you will learn about fines online, even if you do not receive a written notification of a traffic fine by mail

100% repayment guarantee in GIS GMP
Instant payment of fines online guarantees the repayment of the administrative fine in the GIS GMP. A receipt for payment of fines will be sent to your email. A list of paid traffic police fines with a photo and receipts will be available in the application.

A good addition to the application is a radar detector, a digital speedometer and a highway.

It is planned to integrate with the main cartographic and navigation services Yandex Navigator and Maps, 2gis / 2gis,
Traffic fines are paid
NPO ”MONETA.RU” (LLC). License of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 3508-K dated July 2, 2012.
Payments are PCI DSS certified
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