Bluurb apk
Bluurb apk


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Bluurb is a new way of creating fun and interactive stories for mobile platforms

Bluurb is a hilarious and easy-to-learn interactive word-game that lets you create your own unique short story.
Maybe you want to create a story about aliens visiting earth? Or write a letter home from your crazy summer camp? Or how about the legendary tale about a pirate captain and a cursed treasure? They’re all here, and you get to decide what happens. Whether you’re stuck indoors on a rainy day, on a long car ride, or at the park on a sunny day, Bluurb is an engaging and inclusive activity for all ages!

To make the best story possible, you'll have to use your imagination, verbalize your ideas, and choose your words carefully. Fill in the blanks, make up words, and create whacky characters to create countless stories from the many options available.

How To Play Bluurb!
• Pick a story that looks fun to you!
• Speak or text with Bluurb as it helps you create your own unique story using word choices!
• Have fun and make sure to come up with as many crazy and silly words you can!
Speak or write words of your choice to create Bluurbs and laugh your way through countless fun stories in this new fill in the blank story game!

What makes Bluurb special?

Wholesome family content!
Bluurb allows your children to interact and have fun while staying sharp and engaged. Most apps aim to suck you into the screen for as long as possible, often by using shady manipulation tactics. Bluurb however, is focused on drawing your attention away from the screen and up towards your friends and family as you all share a fun and interactive experience.
Interactive smart content!
Bluurb listens to your commands! You can talk to Bluurb and tell it how to make your story. You don’t need your hands to play Bluurb – you can play while cooking, cleaning, running, in the car or at the park.
Diligent Privacy!
You and your children’s privacy is our top priority. Are you tired of wondering what smart-apps and smart-devices are doing with your voice and face data? Not here! Unlike other interactive smart-tech companies, we do not record any user voice or face data.
Seven free stories!
Bluurb comes with seven free premium stories that you can play over and over again!
Tired of worrying about your internet connection every time you want to play a game? Bluurb can be played even with no internet and no wifi. It's so simple: just start the app and start the fun!