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Killer Sudoku!

Killer Sudoku!
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Solve Sudoku, Train your brain with and test your logic.

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Killer Sudoku!
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Jul 4, 2021
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Aug 31, 2021
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Killer Sudoku, The great logic and mind sharpener. Become a Sudoku grand master, Test your logic with this number puzzle game. Solving sudoku will train your brain. It's easy now to have tons of Killer Sudoku puzzles away from newspapers and magazines. Simpler Killer Sudoku puzzle may be easier to solve than classic sudoku depending on the solver's skills, but the harder Killer Sudoku may takes hours.

What is Killer Sudoku?
Killer Sudoku is the kind of Sudoku (also killer su doku, sumdoku, sum doku, sumoku, addoku, or samunamupure) is a mathematics and logic based puzzle that combines elements of sudoku and kakuro. Killer Sudoku is based on the traditional Sudoku grid with the same rules and digits 1 to 9. Killer is based on Sudoku, so ultimately you need to place the numbers 1 to 9 on all the cell so that 1 to 9 is unique in every row, column, box and cage. The cage in killer sudoku refers to cells linked by dotted lines with a number printed in the top left-hand corner, this number must be the sum of cells that forms the cage. So that the cages which have one cell makes the puzzle easier.

Playing Killer Sudoku has a lot of benefits and this explains the reason behind the great popularity of this game, Killer Sudoku is a simple puzzle with a simple design and easy and straightforward rules without hidden pitfalls.

It's an useful habit to play killer sudoku daily.

Rules of Killer Sudoku:
The objective of Killer Sudoku is to fill the grid with numbers from 1 to 9 in a way that the following conditions are met:
1- Each row, column, and nonet(box) contains each number exactly once like classic sudoku.
2- The sum of all numbers in a cage must match the small number printed in its corner (Similar to Kakuro).
3- No number appears more than once in a cage. (This is the standard rule for killer sudoku, and implies that no cage can include more than 9 cells.)

Features of Killer Sudoku game:
1- Unique levels of Killer Sudoku.
2- 4 difficulty levels.
3- Easy to use, because of the simple interface.
4- Auto-save Killer Sudoku levels, switch puzzles at any time without losing your work.
5- Undo and eraser buttons to fix mistakes.
6- You can enter notes.
7- Stuck? Use hints.
8- Awesome design and graphics(Choose your Killer Sudoku theme).

How to play Killer Sudoku?
Playing Killer Sudoku is very similar to normal Sudoku.
- Click on the grid to select a cell.
- The cells with black numbers can't be changed.
- Make your calculations to get the right number from 1 to 9.
- Click on the pad to set the number.
- If the number is correct, it will be showed with blue color.
- If it's wrong, it will be showed with red color and you'll have a new mistake (3 mistakes allowed).
- Erase or undo any changes you made.
- Writing notes is a useful way to solve the puzzle.
- Hint button will help you if you need.

What is the advantage of playing Killer Sudoku?
Benefits of Killer Sudoku :
1- Improve concentration.
2- Promote a healthy mindset.
3- Help to reduce anxiety and stress.
4- Get better thinking skills.
5- Boost memory.
6- Enhance logical thinking.
7- Refine analysis skills.
8- reduce over thinking.

Have useful time with Killer Sudoku!
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