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VRR App – Bus

VRR App – Bus, Bahn, Bike, P+R
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From information to tickets: the app for your mobility by bus and train.

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VRR App – Bus, Bahn, Bike, P+R
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Sep 13, 2021
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Sep 27, 2022
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Vielen Dank, dass du die VRR App nutzt. Wir haben folgende Verbesserungen vorgenommen:
•\tErweiterung der Shop-Auswahl um den Ticketshop der Stadtwerke Solingen
•\tDarstellungsverbesserung bei Rechnungen
•\tBehebung kleinerer Fehler
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Your rides, your tickets. The new VRR app for bus, train, bike, P+R.
Check in and out with eezy now.

New: With eezy, you can spontaneously start your journey on the bus and train and pay directly with your smartphone. Simply check in, check out and only pay as the crow flies: in your city, in the VRR and throughout NRW. Now with!
All important functions at a glance
A sidebar can now be found directly on the start screen with one click
- Connection search + departure monitor
- ticket shop
- eezy check-in button
- Info center
- Map
- Profile

Your rides:
New: Now you have the connection search and your departure monitor at a glance.
Save your daily connections and your most important stops as favorites and you have all the information ready before your journey.
This also works for all trips to our neighboring networks and even for long-distance traffic, because we have integrated all connections into our bus and train information.
You don't use all means of transport? Then set up your app to suit you.
Would you like to be informed about delays and alternative connections? Then subscribe to get the right information for your lines and connections.

Your trip alarm clock
Want a reminder that it's time to head to the station? Or are you interested in whether your bus or train is late? The journey alarm clock will send you a notification in good time.

Large selection of tickets
In addition to the VRR tickets, you can also get many NRW tickets in the shop. For example, the universally popular ”EinfachweiterTicket”.

The ticket check
Do you have a Ticket1000 or Ticket2000* and want to explore far away places?
Find your connection, the app checks your personal subscription area of ​​validity in the background as you enter it and shows you whether you need an additional ticket or another ticket.
This great function is already available for the 24-hour ticket.

*Ticket1000 and Ticket2000 also available as a 9 a.m. variant, monthly ticket or subscription

Multi-journey tickets:
Have you ever forgotten that you still had a ticket from your 10erTicket or 4erTicket and accidentally booked a new one? The times are over, because the app shows you your credit directly.

Simply pay and keep track of the journey made:

You can pay for your online bus and train ticket in two ways.
You have the choice between:
- Credit card
- by direct debit
- Overview of your journeys with the eezy tariff
- Overview of your purchased tickets

bike routing
By bike to the bus stop or from the bus stop to your destination? The app shows you how the bike can best be combined with the bus or train.
Do you do Bike+Ride and want to store your bike safely? Then you can use the DeinRadschloss parking facilities at many stops in the VRR. The app shows you whether there is still space available at your stop.
Or you can borrow a metropolradruhr and drive the last stretch to or from your stop. In the app you can find the stations at your stop and see whether a bike is still available.

Do you have any suggestions, tips or questions? Your feedback is important to us. Contact us:

Transport association Rhein-Ruhr AöR
Augustastrasse 1
45879 Gelsenkirchen
Phone: +49 209/1584-0
Fax: +49 209/23967

The VRR app is valid for local public transport (ÖPNV) in the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr. The VRR stretches from the Ruhr area to the Lower Rhine, across parts of the Bergisches Land and the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital of Düsseldorf.

Of course, the VRR app also shows you connections to the neighboring transport associations.

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