Traffic Signs USA apk
Traffic Signs USA apk

Traffic Signs USA

Latest Version by TecnoSoft. Ltda

Traffic Signs teaches you signs from USA in order to increase your skills

Traffic Signs USA is based in traffic signs from United State of America, if You are looking for a upgrade on your skills, You found the right app. It has two different functionality, one as a game where you play against the time and you punctuation increase as you more play and win the game. The other functionality concern to teach you a huge of different traffic signs to led you update ever.

You can use UsTraffic if you as an exam for traffic signs or only to be connected to all the majority of signs used in USA in a amazing way.

In play mode you fight against the time and whenever you get a correct answer you receive an amount of 10$ and when you get a wrong answer you lose an amount of 5$.

In study mode you see different traffic signs with the proper description in order to update you knowledge.