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The Backrooms level escape

The Backrooms level escape
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this is a new backrooms level 1998 game with an escape backrooms labyrinth mode

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Android 4.4 and up
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The Backrooms level escape
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Jun 29, 2022
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Jun 29, 2022
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the first release of the Backrooms Level Escape, on an escape labyrinth mode.
More levels are coming soon
The Backrooms level is an escape labyrinth game that lets you walk in empty room with monster around. This game mission is to escape the backrooms Survival by exiting the labyrinth.

In the real world, you have a family waiting for you, do the same as in the backrooms world, and keep this as motivation to escape the backrooms survival horror, move forward and try to reach the end of this backrooms world game, for it may be the only way to win. This scary adventure will keep your heart beating fast as the uneasy loneliness of these walls screams.

Backrooms Survival game is a first-person horror labyrinth puzzle game where the player's goal is to escape the backrooms world from the monster labyrinth level.
Every level is different, every game different, to escape the backrooms 1998 monster, the player should find the exit door to complete the backrooms world mission.
the levels have enemies and the player should avoid any contact with the monster to avoid death.

In this horror adventure you will explore the backrooms level labyrinth, hide from unknown entities and enemies.

This creepy arcade backrooms level will introduce you to a scary journey as a survival terrifying game with amazing maze runners. Escape the backrooms survival monster and endure creepy jumps in this creepy and scary backrooms level.

You must play at night with headphones and in a dark room, the best environment for a horror game.

We are upgrading this game, so you will find a new map in each update and you can also check new features and skill to complete faster each map, your escape the backrooms survival progress will be saved.

If you want to have a scary time and endless gameplay, play The Backrooms level game now and find out where your limits are by overcoming the most difficult horror. Frights are guaranteed.

WARNING!! The Backrooms level game is an horror mode game and contains jump scare. You should be careful when walking around the the backrooms level when the monster show up.

Let us know what you thought about this escape the backrooms survival game in the comments!
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