Zoo Animal Rescue 3D apk
Zoo Animal Rescue 3D apk

Zoo Animal Rescue 3D

Latest Version by Zalyon Games

Zoo animal rescue is a fun free game ! rescue all the animals and to be the hero

🐷 🦍 How There will be many obstacles (Radar, Spikes, Balls and Hammer etc.) to get you out of this road.
🐴🐴 Rescue the cute animals from the zoo!
Tare care of your buddies and avoid the vehicles on the streets!
So beautiful game Story of Zoo Animal Rescue 3D
🦍🦍 The most beloved game on social now.
The animals have to cross the crowd way with too much cars
Try to void the cars from touch the animals
The game is made with fun story and fun map that help you enjoy the beautiful of the game.
We try to make the game as simple as possible but remain the fun playing.
This is a good game fo you to kill time and suitable for all ages
You will see how penguin on the street, dog, cats, and so all...

🐴🐴 The game play is very easy 🐴🐴:
Touch and hold to make the animals go
Easy to play but hard to be master
To be the hero of the animals

Try to protect the animals and help them survive.
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