Xander English Safari apk
Xander English Safari apk

Xander English Safari

Latest Version by Tribage

Xander Safari is a puzzle game that introduces some creatures seen on a safari.

Xander Safari is an English educational app for children aged between 2 and 5, that teaches children how to name an identify some of the many wild and wonderful creatures they might see on an African safari.

Once again, Xander, the adorable dino, offers young animals-lovers a chance to play and learn with a fun, interactive game to support early learning. Xander Apps is a South African solution developed by a local South-African Chartered Accountant and mother-of-three to incorporate widely accepted psychological findings on the importance of education in a child’s mother tongue.

Children can now engage with local educational apps in their own language resulting in enhanced knowledge absorption and technical skills proficiency that can match global peers.

Build and identify wild animals
Afrikaans vocabulary
Hear and practice pronunciation
Develop puzzle building and visual association skills
Improve fine-motor skills.
Parents can view child’s progress