Jump Gun Battle apk
Jump Gun Battle apk

Jump Gun Battle

Latest Version by wulicreator

Jump, dodge, shoot! New action shooting game in horizontal version!

Deep water is under the platform. Two brave people have a final duel here. Who still stand on the platform lively will be the royal winner!

[New shooting game with new and innovative gameplay]
Different from traditional shooting game with tapping all the time. In this game, hold attack button to adjust attack angle and release the button to attack.

[A variety of powerful characters with unique weapons]
Ninja, pirate, special soldier...Every character has own unique weapon.

[1P or 2P is available. Invite your friend to have a duel in game]
How you can do when you just have a mobile phone? Don’t worry. This game can support two players play on the same phone.

A wonderful free game! Wait for you to experience!

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